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Tina Savas
Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant
Speech & Workshop Topics

Women’s Roles – Past, Present, Future:
Savas believes it is important to understand the past. Why? Because it becomes easier to understand women’s roles today, and where they are headed for future progress.

Women Entrepreneurs – Do you have what it takes?
Savas zeroes in on highly successful women and their traits from her book, Women of True Grit, and then administers a self-test to the audience to see if they have what it takes to join the ranks of the ultimate woman-owned business risk-taker.

Mentoring & Sponsoring Women:
Spot talent early and give women an opportunity to gain experience. Savas shares tips and techniques that actually work to improve any organization’s bottom line.

Gender Diversity:

Gender balanced organizations make wise investments in developing both men and women as potential leaders and consistently reap a “Gender Dividend.” Yet, most companies are not consistent in moving women into key leadership roles. As a catalyst for change, Savas believes it is vital to become aware of these issues, and she offers solutions to fix them.

Customized Presentations Available

Partial Client List    

Home Depot  
Executive Women International  
Southern Company Services  
Distinguished Young Women  
Girl Scouts of America
Women's Business Enterprise Council
Jacksonville (Fl.) Business Journal  
Iowa/Illinois Women in Defense 
American Society for Training & Development 
 Newcomers Clubs  
Rotary/ Kiwanis/ Sertoma Clubs  
Jefferson County Board of Education  
Jewish Community Center
Leading Edge Institute 
Women’s Entrepreneur Series 
Women’s Bar Association
Assistance League
Churches & Schools
Professional Women in Building

Dear Tina,

Thank you so much for being our Keynote Speaker at our annual Women's Business Opportunity Expo in New Orleans...You truly wowed the crowd and appealed immensely to both our women's business enterprises as well as to our corporate members and other guests.
The feedback we received for your Keynote was ranked excellent. Your passion and desire to assist the women business owners was clearly evident. I am so happy that so many were able to hear you speak.

                            -Blanca E. Robinson, President, WBENC South, New Orleans, Louisiana
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