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Women of True Grit profiles 40 women, some famous and all notorious for their career accomplishments, setting "firsts in their fields." 
In their own words, these women share insights about how they were challenged, what inspired them, what sacrifices they made, and what drove them to become successful.

Dr. Maya Angelou provided a poem and country music legend Barbara Mandrell penned the foreword. Meredith Vieira, Diane Crump, Phyllis Diller, Mary Eisenhower and many more share their secrets.

The book was launched at the Women in Military Service Museum in Washington, D.C. and has garnered top national reviews and attention in several media outlets, including a worldwide syndicated feature by Miami Herald.

“Many of these women fought long and hard battles to break new ground and crash through ceilings. Delores Kesler would be the first to tell you how difficult it was being the first woman to take a company public on Wall Street. Surely Diane Crump put up with more than her share of taunting and ridicule when all she wanted to do was ride a horse in a race. Joan Hull found herself all alone in a corporate world every single day, quietly and assertively demanding justice in the workplace. And she got it, but not just for herself. Stories like these inspired us. We hope they do the same for you.”    -Tina Savas

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 “There's nothing stopping a woman from succeeding in the world except her own determination.'Women of True Grit: Intimate, Informative, Inspirational' is a collection of anecdotes and stories as Edie Hand and Tina Savas share stories of countless women in very different walks of life telling their story of how they got to the top. These women succeed in industries from everywhere from comedy and music, to military and legal careers. 
'Women of True Grit' is a choice read that shouldn't be missed by any woman starting their own career with success in their eyes.”
-Midwest Book Review